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Future Growth of  The Marian Home

Marian Home strives to remain competitive with service rates and the management of State and Federal government reimbursement programs. Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement levels are not sufficient enough to fund improvements to our facilities. With the assistance of local entities, Marian Home has obtained financing for these projects. We estimate that our projected revenues will cover the payments, but without a capital campaign, Marian Home will be allocating money to principal and interest for years to come instead of programs that enrich our resident’s and patient’s lives. The primary goal of a Capital Campaign would be to expand and enrich our services, while at the same time, to serve more people. Our financial goal for the campaign is $4 million.

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A Place that Resembles "Home"

The Diocese, Board and Administration leadership is committed to modernizing our facilities to support Marian Home’s faith and purpose. In order to grow and create a unique medical model in our area, a place that resembles “home” for our residents, we must expand and reposition the current infrastructure.

Marian Home strategically planned the following service areas with the intent to meet needs of our local community and surrounding areas.

Private Rooms.  Marian Home’s facility has a limited number of private rooms. The rooms we do have don’t contain showers. With an increasing demand for private living, our building expansion and repositioning will include the addition of forty private rooms, equipped with showers in each room.

Dining Areas. There is currently only one dining center for all residents. Our vision includes four dining areas.

Therapy.  With therapy, our commitment is to help maintain and keep those whom we serve as independent as possible. A 3,000 square foot rehabilitation area will contain state of the art exercise equipment and private therapy areas. Marian Home will be able to offer outpatient therapy to clients who return home or live on campus and individuals in our community.

Chapel.  Daily mass is an essential part of meeting the spiritual needs of residents. Marian Home has outgrown our chapel. Numerous residents and non-residents attend daily mass filling our chapel beyond capacity. This project will expand our chapel to seat as many as 100 - 120 people. The current pews and stained glass windows will remain as they were once part of Holy Rosary church and have been restored.

Activity Town Hall.  It’s important to provide many activities for our residents. Although activities currently take place throughout the day, we have been challenged with space to accommodate large group programs. As the new dining halls are established the current dining area will be converted to an activity town hall. This will enable us to accommodate larger groups of up to 100. Opportunities for concerts, performing arts and other gatherings that bring joy to our residents will soon be possible.

Green Space.  New green space areas will be created including a prayer oasis, secure memory care garden, activity garden area and therapy walking path along with sitting areas.

Ways To Give Securing Our Future

Help Us Grow With Your Gift

We have many assets, and yet many needs and financial challenges to meet. You can help us help those who need us the most with your kindness of a financial contribution.

For more information on how you can make a contribution to The Marian Home or the Marian Village, please contact us at (515) 576-1138.

Information & Committee

Leading The Way

For more information about our Capital Campaign, download our campaign brochure here.

Campaign Chairs:
Jim and Kathy Kesterson

Campaign Committee:
Jim Allen
Greg Bemrich
J. Mick Flaherty
Dave Flattery
Tracy Gailey
Eric Halverson
Steve Heddinger
Joe Laufersweiler
Msgr. Kevin McCoy