Testimonials Our Story Told By Our Clients

"It is a beautiful facility and well maintained. The staff was fantastic! My nurses were wonderful and so caring. I felt I had known them for a long time."

"Very nice, clean, pleasant place."

"My post-op care has been the best. From the nurses to therapy, what a wonderful group of people. Each and every one listened to my concerns and just kept up encouraging me. This has been another gift of life, meeting all who have assisted me. Thank you."

"On a score of 1 to 5, environment was a 5, care 5, and staff 5. I would definitely recommend the Marian Home and Village to others in the community."

"On a score of 1 to 5, environment was a 5, cleanliness 5, safety 5, privacy 5, and recommending the Marian Home and Village to others in the community 5. I came to the Marian Home about two years ago. I was in pretty bad shape with Parkinson's disease. I believe that God blessed the great care I received before and after my successful DBS surgery. I have now returned to my home in Fort Dodge. Thanks Eric and crew!"

"Would I recommend the Marian Home and Village? Yes, because of my friendly helpful nurses, aides, and other workers. Environment was clean, neat and they were concerned about my spiritual care as well as my physical needs."

"On a score of 1 to 10, food was a 10, cleanliness 10, nursing care 10, convenience 10, especially use of chapel and therapy."

"I am writing to compliment the staff in charge of transportation, and to apologize for making it difficult last Thursday for them. I was so sure that I had called for a ride to Community Health that day...but I was wrong. However, they worked it out so I did go, bless Ron for that. He and his cellphone got very busy. He took me to my appointment and Leroy brought me back. Many thanks to them."

"Thank you for being so kind to Marilyn and for the wonderful care you gave to Marilyn. When we had to find a new home for Marilyn the nursing staff at the Marian Home came highly recommended."

"We were asked to express our opinion of the Marian Home after Paul's former stay here when he broke his collar bone. We were completely satisfied with his first experience. Now after Paul's second experience here needing extra therapy, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for all the TLC he has been given."

"Thank you very much for the hospitality extended to the family and friends of Frances Adams on the occasion of her 100th birthday party celebrated on December 12, 2015. Your activity staff, especially Pam Otto, were very helpful, offering us suggestions and options while planning the party and providing extremely valuable logistical assistance during the party. Pam was available throughout the afternoon, helping with setup and takedown and gladly assisted us in meeting unforeseen needs. You can be proud of your staff and the friendly, caring attitude they exhibit that has made Frances's transition from her old home to her new home as painless as possible."

"My Mom, Bonny Hammer, needed someone to watch over her after being hospitalized for an unknown illness. My family felt she needed more care than one of us could provide for her, so we chose to bring her to the Marian Home for a few days of rehab. While there, she was given the opportunity to go to occupational and physical therapy. She absolutely loved the young men who helped her through those therapies. She respected their professionalism and made a commitment to follow all the advice they gave her. Together with this and the care given by the Marian Home staff, the well-balanced meals, and the encouragement to get stronger, she was able to leave after just one week and has continued to thrive since coming home. We feel the Marian Home greatly aided in her speedy recovery."

"I had a stroke and went to Catalyst Rehab program. I didn’t complete the program, transferred to Summit Rehab program and Marian Home. I was happy with the therapy, service of the food and I gained back weight vs. losing weight in the other rehab program. I commend the Summit Rehab program at the Marian Home. I am a retired teach who spent thirty years teaching in local government schools of the US Territories in the Pacific Ocean."

"I greatly appreciate the Marian Home and all of their employees. I want to thank everyone from the nursing department, the housekeeping department and the kitchen. Everyone was very patient and delivered much attention and would do their work with kindness. I am very thankful for all of the attention I received from all the personnel, Thank you again to all the Marian Home staff. Sincerely,"

"To the Marian Home Staff: I recently came to the Marian Home for therapy after a bout with pneumonia. The therapists worked with me and helped me get to the point where I could go home. I thank them for the work they do. The Marian Home staff, nurses, and aides were all kind and ready to help me every step of the way. There are also many activities to help pass the time. I admire the Marian Home for their cleanliness and home-like atmosphere. I don't want to forget the dieticians and all those that prepare and serve the variety of well balanced and nutritious meals. I returned home and am progressively getting better. Thank You Marian Home!"

"I enjoyed staying at the Marian Home. Everyone was so good to me."

"To Everyone at the Marian Home, We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care your gave to Lloyd. All the nurses, aides, therapists, etc…each and every one of you took such good care of him. We also want to thank you for the beautiful red rose you sent after his passing. We will be forever grateful. God bless all of you,"

"Dear Mr. Halverson, In response to my time in the Marian Home, I can truthfully say I was impressed by the kindness, courtesy, and caring, shown by each employee. If not beneath your dignity, I would sincerely wish you would tell all the nurses, LPNs, aides, kitchen help, and therapists, how much their consideration and cooperation meant to me. I assume you have frequent meetings, telling them would a kind gesture and could “make their day”. Yours truly,"

"I enjoyed my stay it was nice and everyone was so kind to me. The meals were excellent, thank your staff and therapists for the great care."

"Dear Marian Home, I just want to say that my care was wonderful. I would recommend you to all my friends. Your staff was attentive and your healthcare techs were wonderful. Thank you very much,"

"Dear Eric, I recently spent some time in the hospital and had become very weak, so I returned to stay at the Marian Home for 2 weeks. I want to tell you how good all the staff is, from nurses, nurse aides, and any others who helped me. They were kind, patient, cheerful and made my stay the best it could be. They became friends. I also want to tell you about the excellent care I got from the therapy staff. May, Tom, Dan, and Sean were so professional, and so caring. They made me do things I didn’t want to do, and now that I’m home, I realize all the good they did for me. I feel and can walk better than I have for a long time. Please give my thanks to all of them. And thank you for all that you and Tracy do to make the Marian Home the home that is for us."

"Hi Eric, I am pleased to report that after my follow up exam from my surgeon, I no longer need additional therapy due to my superb therapy at the Marian Home. Thanks to Dan, Mae, Shawn, and Tom. They were all patient, creative and made it fun for me. Great nurses! Thanks to the kitchen staff for their “down home” meals that I loved and looked forward to every day, along with the privilege of Mass and daily Holy Communion, how convenient. I want to tell you all that I have and will continue to recommend the Marian Home as it has everything you could want in one building. Also, thanks to the aides Katie, Robin, Jacob, Olga, and beautician Roxie. Lastly to three real professionals, Eric, Tracy and Jody. God bless all of you."

"The personal and compassionate care I received while a recent patient at the Marian Home made my stay more enjoyable. The physical therapy staff gave me the help I needed. They were wonderful and deserve high marks for their efforts and positive results. The kitchen staff really tries to meet the dietary needs of the patient and I appreciated the attention I received and convenience of Roxie's Beauty Salon. There is also great entertainment available if you feel like participating, all the above in a family atmosphere. Could anyone ask for more?"

"On June of 2012 I fell and pulled my rotary cup from my shoulder and hit my head. I went to the ER and they put my shoulder back into place. I was in the hospital for 3 days and then I needed therapy. We decided to go to The Marian Home for skilled care. There were 3 therapists and I was able to get therapy twice a day. When I went to skilled care, I couldn't lift my arm I had hurt, I couldn't get out of my chair by myself, and couldn't walk without help. I believe the excellent care I had while being at The Marian Home in skilled care made it possible for me to go home within 6 weeks and take care of myself."

"In December 2012 I spent 19 days in The Marian Home in skilled area of the facility following surgery on a broken hip after a fall. I found the staff at The Marian Home extremely attentive and friendly. They made sure I took my medication as scheduled, were present while I was getting bathed, dressed, and any time I was getting out of bed. I had routine physical therapy by professional physical therapists who were wonderful. Even the administrator Eric Halverson called on me to see that everything was alright. The Marian Home has many opportunities and activities for patients to do. I spent quite a bit of time playing dominos. They have routine church services. They also have students from St. Edmonds come over to perform for the residents. A student from St. Edmonds even did my nails. When it comes time for a patient to go home, a home assessment is performed by the physical therapist with the patient and family. The make suggestions to make it easier and safer for the patient and give you a physical therapy schedule to follow at home. I also found that my roommate, the lady across the hall and the residents I played dominos with were very friendly."

"After my knee surgery I was transferred to The Marian Home because I could not climb the stairs. The Marian Home skilled care and occupational therapy worked with me almost every day. All of The Marian Home staff was very professional and courteous. The food was good. After 21 days I returned home in good shape, being able to do the stairs and my activities of daily living. I will return after my 2nd knee surgery in August if I need more skilled care. Thank you to all at The Marian Home."